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Thera-Clean® Microbubble bath delicately eliminates trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, allergens, toxins, and waste, reducing odour and itching, thereby significantly enhancing therapeutic outcomes without the use of soaps, chemicals, or abrasives. Thera-Clean signifies genuine cleanliness. Our microbubbles penetrate to a greater depth than ever before, allowing for the most profound cleaning required for the healing of chronic skin conditions.

Microbubbles, one-third the size of a red blood cell, reach deep into the hair follicle, offering a deeper level of cleaning that conventional shampooing fails to achieve. When it comes to providing your cherished companion with an unparalleled grooming experience, the Thera Clean microbubble dog bath is a total game-changer. These groundbreaking microbubbles provide a gentle and efficient solution for cleansing your dog’s coat and skin, ensuring a pristine and healthy appearance.

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