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Puppy’s First Pamper Spa Day

puppy's first appointment
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Your puppy’s first groom visit is so important in forming a positive confident mindset that builds them up for a lifetime of happy grooming experiences. It’s vital you bring your puppy in between 4-5 months of age. The later you leave it, the harder it is to desensitise your puppy to being groomed.

We set up your puppy pamper appointments from puppy’s last vaccinations. This starts with you bringing your puppy into the grooming salon for a meet and greet. We simply cuddle, play and treat, creating a fun environment, for 15-20 minutes. You bring in your grooming tools and I offer home grooming advice and answer any questions you may have.

puppy's second appointment
Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.

At your next appointment, we gently introduce your puppy to the grooming experience.
Bathing, drying and brushing. We scissor carefully around the feet and face and tidy up the puppy’s sanitary areas. Nails are trimmed and we introduce the dremel. It can be overwhelming, so we encourage, reassure and treat your puppy.

Your puppy’s groom is completed with a sweet bandanna, Cologne and a photo shoot collage of your puppy’s first spa day at the dog salon.

When you pick up your puppy, we go over how their big day went and areas to work on at home to build up confidence in preparation for your puppy’s first big dog hairstyle.

Five tips for preparing your puppy for grooming.

Bring your puppy in for grooming as early as possible after their final vaccinations.

Ask your groomer what tools will best suit your dog's coat. Many will recommend more effective breed-specific brushes than what pet shops offer.

Make brushing your dog a regular habit, always make legs a priority when brushing.

Be gentle and keep brushing sessions short.

Don't forget ears and tails need brushing too. Always clean around your dogs eyes with water to prevent staining and crusty eye build up. A soft damp cloth or wet make-up pad remover is soft & gentle.

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