Following a consultation about your dog's specific needs, we'll tailor a unique spa package to best suit your dog's coat and skin. All dogs are different, and their needs vary based on their coat type and skin condition.

Full Groom includes:

Comprehensive health check to identify any abnormalities in the skin and coat.

Evaluation of the coat condition to determine the feasibility of achieving the desired style.

Spa treatment in the hydrobath, high-velocity dry, fluff dry, nail trim, and dremel to smooth over sharp edges.

Sanitary trim and removal of knots.

Cleaning out hair under pads and trimming and shaping feet.

Clipping all over the body, tail, head, and face.

Shaping ears and cleaning/trimming around the inner and outer ear. Ear plucking only if recommended by the vet.

Scissoring for a tidy and polished finish.

Blowout to remove loose hairs and reduce irritation.

Application of cologne for a finishing touch.

Bow and/or Bandanna, along with a charming photo capturing their luxurious day at the spa.

A treat for being a good pupper 🐾

See below for our spa packages.

Go Natural Spa Treatments
Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.

Indulge your pets in our Go Natural Spa Treatments, featuring 100% vegan shampoos that are gentle and nourishing for their skin and coat. Our spa treatments include mineral and detoxifying mud packs, ensuring a chemical-free and holistic pampering experience.

Experience the luxury of Melanie Newman’s all-natural and 100% vegan Shampoo & Conditioner. Choose from our selection, including Purifying Mud Detox, Oatmeal Shampoo, and Ayurveda 100% Organic Mineral Skin & Hair Treatment – meticulously crafted to enhance your pet’s overall well-being and radiance.

Opt for our natural spa treatments, providing your pets with a rejuvenating experience that prioritizes their health and happiness, all in a 100% natural and vegan environment.

Medicated (Fix my Itch) Spa Treatment
Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.

Introducing our Medicated (Fix my Itch) Spa Treatment, designed to address specific skin concerns and provide relief for your furry friends. Choose from a range of soothing and medicated options to cater to their unique needs, all in the comfort of our spa environment.

Our Medicated Spa Treatments feature a gentle yet effective all-natural oatmeal shampoo, along with an intensive medicated topical dermal shampoo for more targeted care. Treat specific areas such as feet to a foot-soothing fizzy bath bomb, or opt for an all-over Nagayu CO2 treatment that accelerates skin repair, soothes inflamed and itchy skin, and addresses hotspots, dryness, flakiness, or injuries. Additionally, we offer a medicated leave-in conditioning rinse for enhanced care.

For pets with severe skin disorders, our exclusive “To Posh To Wash – Fix My Itch” service provides the convenience of applying the medicated treatments twice or thrice weekly, ensuring consistent care without hassle.


Choose from our curated selection of Medicated Spa Treatments, including Malaseb Medicated Shampoo, Pyohex Medicated Conditioner, Nagayu CO2 Spa Treatment for Skin & Coat, and the Andrew London Fizzy Foot Soak, all aimed at promoting your pet's skin health and overall well-being.

Rehydrating Moisture Restore Spa Treatments
Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.

If this sounds all a bit too fancy for you. We also offer a “build your own groom” this is where you decide what you would like for your dog. From a simple no frills grooming experience, right through to all the luxuries you desire. Call today to discuss further.

Introducing our Rehydrating Moisture Restore Spa Treatments – a lavish experience that goes beyond the ordinary to nourish and rejuvenate your furry companion’s coat and skin. These spa treatments, crafted for optimal hydration, boast a delightful and luxurious fragrance that will leave your pet smelling irresistibly good.

Our conditioning shampoos play a crucial role in retaining moisture, ensuring both the coat and skin receive the care they deserve. Explore a range of deep conditioning treatments tailored to suit every coat type. One of our highlights is the Hydrolyzed Collagen Milk Watermelon Jelly Treatment, a favorite among poodles. This treatment works wonders, restoring lost moisture, enhancing strength and elasticity, and leaving your pet with a stunning shine and silky feel.


Carefully curated, our spa products are sourced globally, ensuring we provide nothing but the very best for your pet. From the Nutritive Collagen Mask to the indulgent Hydrolyzed Collagen Milk Watermelon Jelly Treatment and the transformative Artero Protein, Keratin, and Mask Treatments – we prioritize quality for an unparalleled spa experience.


For those seeking a more tailored grooming approach, we offer a "build your own groom" option. Whether you prefer a straightforward grooming experience or desire all the luxurious extras, we've got you covered. Contact us today to discuss your preferences and treat your pet to the pampering they deserve.

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