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Groom It provides a one on one professional home-based services, in a peaceful, relaxed residential setting.

Pet First Aid Certified. Your pet's safety is always paramount.

Hawkes Bays’ first Nationally Certified Master Groomer since 2018.

Member Of the National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand.

12 years of dog grooming experience, and 36 years of experience working in hair styling industries.

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Something special for every pup.

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Your little pup will be treated to cuddles, fun and a special grooming environment suitable for them to get used to the grooming process from a young age. Then we proceed to ease them into a full groom so they’ll love to visit us whenever the time comes.

We support owners using their own tools and educate puppy parents on how to properly care for their pups in between grooms, so feel free to come with any questions you may have!

Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.
Following a consultation about your dog’s specific needs, we’ll tailor a unique spa package to best suit your dog’s coat and skin. All dogs are different, and their needs vary based on their coat type and skin condition.
Contact us for a phone consultation for an estimated price.
Thera-Clean® Microbubble bath delicately eliminates trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, allergens, toxins, and waste, reducing odour and itching, thereby significantly enhancing therapeutic outcomes without the use of soaps, chemicals, or abrasives. Thera-Clean signifies genuine cleanliness.
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Did you know that your dog groomer is the person who sees your dog the most, after your immediate friends, family & doggy daycare. We form a close bond with your dog during their life, this is why choosing the right groomer is so important.

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My name is Julie.

The first dog I groomed was a sweet red setter Spaniel, called Hayleene. I was 8 years old, I saw her out roaming one day, so I led her into my back yard and took all the matted knots out of her coat with my mum’s hairdressing scissors. I wasn’t exactly proud of that haircut. But I knew she felt better.  

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